Natural Hair Loss Product Proven in Clinical Trials

´╗┐Natural Hair Thinning Product Proven in Numerous Studies

A medication-free hair thinning product, from the surprising source, could be the new response to hair loss, alopecia, and hair loss.

“You’ve got no idea how it is like,” states Joe Grain, a 60-year-old professional from Fort Wayne, Indiana. “I began losing my hair within my twenties. It’s miserable. It features a method of shaping all of your existence.”

Joe’s worn a toupee for a long time. Nobody sees him without them, not really his nearest buddies. He’s attempted “almost everything” to prevent hair thinning, including Rogaine and Propecia, with no success. But deep lower, he still holds out hope.

“I understand the drugs work for many people, however they did not work with me,” he sighs. “Just show me one new hair, and I am a person for existence.”

A Significant Problem

Joe isn’t alone. Millions of folks suffer alone from alopecia, hair loss and hair loss. Even though hair thinning is not fatal, it’s a serious condition with profound mental effects. For a lot of, hair thinning brings feelings of shame, despair, and crippled self-esteem.

New Hope in the Orient

Since 1999, several scientists in Japan, brought by investigator T. Takahashi, continues to be studying botanical extracts searching for any safe, effective solution for hair regrowth. After testing more than a 1000 different extracts, they found three promising natural chemicals. One was from barley. One from Chardonnay grapes. And something- probably the most potent- was an extract from ordinary apples.

Make Room Minoxidil

Twelve months later, the scientists announced much more striking findings towards the worldwide community. They compared the apple extract, referred to as procyanidin B-2, towards the proven hair regrowth drug minoxidil in cell cultures.

Their results appeared nearly impossible: in mind-to-mind tests, the apple chemical demonstrated to become two times competitive with minoxidil in stimulating growth of hair.

In further experiments on rodents, the apple procyanidins, in addition to minoxidil, frequently created “extensive hair regrowth.”

Proven in Double-Blind Numerous Studies

In numerous studies on humans, the outcomes were much more exciting. The procyanidins from apples consistently increased new hair in males with hair loss, probably the most persistent type of undesirable hair thinning- and with no from the negative effects of hair thinning drugs.

Scientists are usually conservative with regards to conclusions. However the statements in the Takahashi group were unequivocal. “Procyanidin B-2 therapy,” they authored, “shows potential like a promising remedy for hair loss.”

For Joe, and 60 million other women and men, these studies means new hope. “Obviously I’ll check it out,” he states. “Just show me one new hair…”